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Whats the Difference

Instagram Vs. Vine, whats the difference you might ask? I must admit I asked the same question myself. Instagram added a video option recently, similar to that of Vine. While Vine does not promote or really allow one to do still shots it does do video. Instagram is 15 seconds while Vine 6. This forces Vine users to be a little more quick on their toes and creative. Both apps allow users to stop in the middle of recording and change to a different scenery or whatever the case may be, giving both cinema-like quality. While both app’s are great for this new “viral video” era and advertisement, its all about learning which one is ideal for what your company is trying to say. These articles will give you an idea.

Do You Vine

What is Vine

What is Vine do you ask? Below is a link that will give you an idea of what Vine’s are. Vine is a chance to show your creativity in 6 seconds. You can stop in the middle recording then starting again allowing creators to make is seem like they are in two places or make things appear instantly. “Do it for the Vine” is a common phrase trending throughout Vine to show the random things people do for vine “revines” or reposts. Some companies even use it to run contests where users create a Vine to the subject of the contest. Add the app and check it out for yourself. ¬†Click the link below to see some of the top Vines that Huffington Post Recommends and the Viners you should follow.

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